Geeked is an illustration-led quarterly magazine with an urban feminist slant on art, culture and gender. Who are we? We are women and men who locate ourselves in the LGBT and Straight communities. Our mission is to fashion a creative, independent platform for people like us and to foster a progressive, can-do community focused on human dignity and diversity. Women are central to this mission but all urban-dwellers who support women and who want to fight for human rights are welcome and encouraged.

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OUT NOW - GEEKED #8 - Breaking Boundaries

    In this issue, you will find pieces that explore all the ways boundaries have been broken, and equally, pieces which point to rowdy boundary-breaking. Breaking Boundaries has enabled us to highlight the cutting- edge work being done by GEEKS across genres. The proliferation of work outside of the mainstream in the last two-and-a-half years has been equal parts rapid and exhilarating. This theme then is also about looking around at the rich culture thriving outside the boundaries of the mainstream, and looking forward to the creations that will inevitably break those boundaries down.

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