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Editorial content in Geeked magazine and We Geeked This is intended to inform and motivate the reader by profiling new up-and-coming individuals, companies, organizations and events that are timely and socially relevant, as well as highlighting established role models and inspirational personalities. We look for articles that are engaging, well written with thoroughly researched content and up-to-date information. In articles that cover Travel and Food, writers should try to introduce their pieces as narratives – with anecdotes, quotations and a sense of story.




Please note that we are currently unable to pay writers or artists for their work but the media platforms in which their articles are reproduced/published will benefit them by showcasing their work to a wide audience.




Please submit a query pitching your idea before you send us a manuscript.


We encourage you to read past issues and articles posted on We Geeked This ( and published on Geeked Magazine to get a feel for the style and focus of Geeked and We Geeked This.


All submissions must be in English and previously unpublished, this includes Social Networking websites, forums, blogs, etc. Simultaneous submissions may be accepted as long as we are notified immediately if the manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere.


Articles (text or image) accepted for publication in Geeked magazine may also appear on the Geeked Magazine website ( in an electronic version or any form of Geeked magazine, including amongst others: We Geeked This website (, Facebook and Twitter, or used for Geeked magazine promotional purposes.




When pitching your idea try to answer the following:


What is your article about? What message will you communicate?

In which section of the magazine do you think it should appear?

Why do you think this article will be of interest to our readers?

Which angle will you use to approach the subject?

What information do you already have (sources, contacts, interviews) and what additional research will you be able to do?

Include a Title, a Deck (Subtitle) and your Lead (opening paragraph used to interest the reader in the article).


For short stories, graphic novels and illustrations please send us examples of your work and answer the above questions where applicable. For more info on the submission specifications for graphic novels and illustrations click here.


Tell us about yourself and why you are the ideal person to write about the subject.


Even if your story is not selected for publication in Geeked Magazine, we might in some cases offer the opportunity to publish it on We Geeked This blog.




The editor will notify you by email if we plan to move forward with your query or manuscript, whether it be on Geeked magazine or We Geeked This blog.


At that time, the editor will agree with you on a story angle and topics to be covered, word count, inform you of deadlines for the first draft and offer direction about how to proceed.


We do our very best to assign only stories that we fully intend to publish; however, we reserve the right to not publish an article.


Manuscripts sent and accepted by Geeked magazine and/or We Geeked This blog will be considered available for publication without condition.




Name of the author;


A short biography 50 words maximum;


Website address, Twitter account (if applicable) so that the readers can follow and contact the author.


If the author prefers not to reveal this information, we will respect it and include only their name.




People (character studies, interviews)

Performing Arts (music, theatre, dance, etc.)

Art (artists, art exhibitions reviews)

Fashion (shops, trends)

Graphic Short (graphic novelists, graphic novels between 2 and 4 pages)

Literature (short stories, book reviews)

Film (filmmakers, film reviews)


Architecture or Photography (artists or themed)

Science (scientist or themed)

Food (restaurateur/chef, recipes, cafe/restaurant reviews)

Feminist City (reviews of shops/organizations/clubs etc. run by women in big cities)




If you wish to include images in your article, these must be accompanied by high quality photographs- normally 300 d.p.i. at 8x10 (at least) when opened on Photoshop (this is usually covered by a 6MP shot at full resolution) in jpeg, pdf or psd format. Photography should not be embedded into the text, please attach it separately and don’t forget to include caption, author and copyright. If you are unable to provide your own photos, it is important that you advise us where we can obtain quality photos to accompany your story, if we decide to use them. Otherwise we will accompany it with an illustration selected by us.




As an author/artist, you are required to succeed in obtaining permission to reproduce any proprietary material you submit, be that text, illustration, table, or other material, including data, audio, video, film stills, and screenshots, whether direct or derivative reproduction (when you have created something that derives from a copyrighted source). The reproduction of copyrighted work may be possible for reviews and criticism purposes, but you must give it sufficient acknowledgment (correct quotation, title, author’s name and other description).


For more information regarding copyright in the UK please refer to:


By submitting articles (text or image) you give us permission to publish them in Geeked magazine, on the Geeked Magazine website ( in an electronic version or any form of Geeked magazine, including amongst others: We Geeked This website (, Facebook and Twitter, or used for Geeked magazine promotional purposes. Nevertheless, the copyright of all articles (text or image) belongs to the author, and should not be reproduced or copied in anyway without the Editor's and author’s written permission. Geeked magazine and We Geeked This will ensure that all credits will be given to the author to promote their work.


Please read and agree to our Submissions Terms and Conditions (above), then email us at submissions [at]


We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, change, update or modify our Terms and Conditions, simply by posting such change, update or modification on this website without notification to you. Any such change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon posting on this website. It is your responsibility to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time to ensure that you continue to agree with all of its terms.

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